SOFILETA, Interfilière Paris 2018 designer of the year

17 May 2018

This session, INTERFILIERE PARIS recognizes French family-run company SOFILETA, specialized in the design and manufacture of functional, innovative technical textiles.

Since 1911, when it was founded, this Group has progressively developed expertise in a number of textile specialties and fields: warping, weaving, knitting, dyeing, finishing, coating, and laminating.
SOFILETA’s approach consists of inventing new fabrics and materials, as well as emerging processes and technologies, in order to improve product performance and bring multifunctional solutions to its clients.

SOFILETA is a vertically integrated industrial group with ultra-modern industrial production capabilities. Its technical history allows it to harness the enhanced cross category potential of the wide range of its target markets. Thus, the diversity of its business gives SOFILETA a major presence in the sports, fashion, luxury, lingerie, swimwear, personal protection, and other cutting-edge technological fields.
Today, Sofileta’s business is built around several main areas.
In addition to the “Advanced Textiles” and “Advanced Materials” fields, which respectively serve the personal protection and advanced industry fields, there is the historical field for which Sofileta is receiving the Designer of the Year award, known as SABF, “Sofileta Activewear – Bodywear – Fashion”.
This sector also stands for 100% Made in France production, at the service of its clients. Innovation, at the very core of its strategy, is reflected in its offering a wide range of technical and functional textiles. Today, Sofileta co-develops exclusive products with its clients, meeting the most advanced needs in terms of material technical capability.

In 2016, Sofileta reaffirmed its commitment to the environment by developing eco-friendly ranges of fabrics designed using bio-sourced or post-recycled polymers: the Green’Oblige® by Sofileta label was born!
Today, SOFILETA is focused on the eco-sustainable, traceable market by integrating, in an ultra-selective manner, fabrics into its Green’Oblige range, based on several criteria: the origin of the material used (biosourced or post-consumer recycled), sustainable production equipment with a strict limitation of effluents into the environment, and completely biodegradable end of life-cycle for certain fabrics, within a time frame that is 100 times less than that for standard fabrics.

Sofileta’s commitment: The Best for the Best

Today, one can no longer separate the performance of a fabric from its texture, particularly for the lingerie market.
Awaiting your discovery at the show: an incredible experience, both on human and professional levels!


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