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4 June 2018

I dreamt of a different kind of fashion

The customer experience has become the priority element for all companies today. Facilitating the access to information, purchasing and communications are the key tools to a new shopping experience. How do you optimize your “message” and make it relevant? And, more than anything, how can you make the customer visit as personalized as it is incredible? Such are the questions that we will attempt to clarify at the Unique by Mode City show.
This is a theme that is so very now: at a time when 80% of French people online place orders online (Source: Fevad), companies are vying to come up with ingenious ideas to make boutique visits unforgettable. Customers want to feel unique. Showing them additional attention translates into an experience that is rich in emotion, into positive word-of-mouth, and thus, in time, additional sales for the retail outlet.
Cooking classes at a department store to make it more more friendly place, a personal message embroidered onto a shirt that’s just been purchased, sports classes in a sporting goods store to test out products, or personalized sneakers at pop-up events…It’s the race to experiences that counts and that drives the consumer today.


Mystor-E has developed a new technology created from artificial intelligence that personalizes in-store digital displays, in real time. How does this work? When the customer enters a boutique, a clothing shop, for example, a camera detects their gender, age, and style. Then, algorithms do the work and suggest the most relevant items on screens closest to the customer. In the Soho neighborhood of New York, Nike has dedicated its ground floor to sneaker personalization throughout each day. In Norway, the first undersea restaurant, Under, offers an unusual experience…Lifestyle brand Muji has embarked on a totally radical approach by opening a hotel in Shenzen that’s a real showroom of a different kind. All these examples demonstrate how much we need to experience our shopping in a new and different way!


A return to fundamentals: Welcoming guests with a smile, creating a relationship, listening to the customer, and accompanying the consumer with total commitment, enchantment, and passion. Passing along your knowledge to the customer means making them a real ambassador for the brand! And all of this must be done within a visually enticing environment!
Famous brands have taken this element very seriously, and now offer new experiences in their stores. The smallest ones are catching on, too…with tons of new ideas and ways to interact with their customers. Through all these examples, we want to show you that you can indeed sell differently, tell new stories, and blend lingerie with other worlds…anything is possible!

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